For almost a year and a half, the Brazilian player Yuri Martins has remained with PartyPoker as ambassador of the platform. Now, after a prolific career full of great moments, Martins announces that he will continue on his own, saying goodbye to PartyPoker with a nice memory and words of thanks.

The end of this partnership comes at a time when some say that the player seems to be rethinking many things. Perhaps his trajectory as a professional poker player is going to be produced by the hand of another platform, but for the moment it is all speculation.

With the arrival of the new year, Martins has stated that “he has had a great time working with PartyPoker”, and that “he will be eternally grateful”. Some of his great feats have been achieved just in the last few months.

Yuri Martins’ trajectory as ambassador of PartyPoker

Associated with PartyPoker, Yuri Martins achieved an exceptional result in the WSOP held in Las Vegas. It is true that some remember this moment as somewhat bittersweet, precisely because he failed to win his third bracelet in the World Series. However, his expertise and skill earned him a runner-up finish at the Poker Players Championship, where he was beaten by Dan Cates, an American poker legend, losing the heads-up $50,000 buy-in.

In 2022, Yuri Martins managed to reach the highest position in the ranking of the most awarded Brazilian players in poker, something corroborated by The Hendon Mob, the well-known online poker database.

From PartyPoker also remember fondly all the months lived together in partnership. As part of the PartyPoker team, Martins has enjoyed every moment and PartyPoker leaves the door open for a return in the future.

Although many speculate that Yuri Martins may be negotiating with another platform, at the time of writing there is nothing confirmed nor have there been any suspicious movements indicating that the Brazilian player is in the middle of negotiations with other platforms.

The best moments of Yuri Martins with PartyPoker

Yuri Martins has been considered the best online poker player in the world. His career has been full of successes and, thanks to his partnership with PartyPoker, his position as a professional poker player has been strengthened.

Since March 2021, NERDguy, as Yuri Martins is known at the online tables, has topped the online poker rankings with more than 25 consecutive weeks as the world’s player with the highest ITM. It is estimated that, in total, Martins has won during his entire career approximately 14 million dollars, 5 of which would be in live games.

In addition to being the poker player with the highest earnings in his country, at the end of 2021 he was ranked 16th in the list of the best players of all time worldwide.

His professional career is so incredible that it has inspired the creation of a documentary, “A Nerd Story”, where the origins of Yuri Martins and his jump to professional poker are narrated. It is a co-production, created by PartyPoker and RegLife, that you can see here. It also features unique moments that reflect key moments in Martins’ personal life, as well as his great confrontations and his critical moment at the WSOP that made him cry in front of all the cameras.

During this time in which Martins has enjoyed being one of the best in the world, the Brazilian player has managed to be the best Latin player in the Poker Player Championship with a buy-in of $50,000, and reaching a prize of $895,000 (plus several live cashes) during his games with PartyPoker.

In the streaming field, NERD guy has also been very active and is known for his good contributions. On the Twitch platform he has several times given a series of tips for beginner players alongside Day Kotoviezy and Joao Simao, two friends and table acquaintances who were also part of PartyPoker at the time.

In recent years, Yuri Martins has established himself as one of the best in the poker world. With only 30 years old, his resume is enviable. He started playing at the age of 15 in games with friends and his brother. Soon, with the advent of the Internet, he began to play Freeroll tournaments with buy-ins of just a few cents. This allowed him to gain experience and learn how to play.

By the time Martins turned 18, his family was going through hard times. It was impossible for him to go to college, considering that his parents lived in a complicated economic situation, so his only way out was to dedicate himself to poker.

With hours and hours of study, a lot of dedication and the desire to show what he knew, Yuri Martins managed to climb up the ranks to become the best poker player in Brazil. His story is motivating for the new generations of players, and with his current situation, the economic outlook of his family has changed forever.