The KO Series of Partypoker are competitive poker series that propose to enjoy poker in a different way, through a scheme of knock-out games in which the eliminated player receives a reward in the form of money without the need to finish in the prize positions.

This is a common feature of both knock-out and progressive knock-out poker games. The main difference between these two types of competition will be discussed below. First, let’s talk about what a poker KO tournament is and what makes it so special.

What is a KO tournament?

A poker KO tournament is a special MTT or Sit & Go tournament in which all the money is split to go to the prize pool, and the rest is distributed among each of the players who are eliminated.

The main characteristic of these competitions is that it is not necessary to be in the prize positions to obtain a reward. As they are eliminatory in nature, each player who is eliminated from the game receives a cash prize that normally increases as the position rises.

This scheme provides an incentive to sign up, since all players receive a cash reward regardless of their position.

In a KO tournament the bankroll can be increased when an opponent is eliminated. This is a common feature of all PKO tournaments, although we recommend you to take a look at the rules of each tournament to make sure you know the rules before playing, as each one may have its own particularities.

What really are the Partypoker KO Series?

Partypoker is one of the main platforms dedicated to the organization of tournaments and poker series.

Its good reputation is due to its huge variety of competitions and the fact that there is always room for a twist that makes the dynamics tremendously fun. Innovation is one of the aspects most appreciated by the Partypoker community, and the KO Series is a proof of the eagerness of the platform to offer fun games full of possibilities.

What is a KO tournament?

A KO tournament is an elimination poker tournament that splits the total money 50/50 to create a prize pool and a guaranteed bounty pool for the eliminated. The series unfolds round by round and the players have the power to remove opponents depending on the progress of the game.

What is a PKO tournament?

A PKO tournament is a progressive poker tournament. The difference between a KO tournament and a PKO tournament is that in the PKO tournaments the amount of the reward is not static and is not fixed beforehand, so it can go up throughout the tournament, and varies depending on the number of bounties that the player has managed to accumulate.

Partypoker KO tournaments or Progressive KO tournaments?

It depends. Each tournament has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to choose if you prefer to enjoy a competitive poker game by registering in a tournament with figures clarified in advance, or if you prefer a little more adrenaline and you are one of those who can manage better in scenarios with some questions to be solved.

It should be noted that progressive KO tournaments do not reveal the amount of the prizes per player, but these can potentially be higher. In contrast, in a KO tournament the numbers are known and therefore the player knows what to expect, but those numbers will remain fixed until the end of the game.

Whatever you decide, what is clear is that the Partypoker Series is the best poker series to enjoy both KO and PKO elimination tournaments. In fact, players like Adrian Mateos have managed to stand out in these competitions in Partypoker (the player from Madrid was the winner of the Millions Online KO Series). Therefore, it is an ideal place to test your skills and measure yourself against the best.

The Partypoker KO Series is one of the most beloved formats for its continuous action and its reward scheme, which maintains an upward trend and is one of the main attractions of Partypoker to expand the range of prizes.

The choice when entering the Partypoker Series of whether to play KO tournaments or PKO tournaments will depend on your expectations in terms of elimination rewards.

Taking into account that Partypoker organizes periodically these poker series. Stay tuned to register on time and enjoy the best poker elimination series.

The Grand Prix KO, one of the star events of Partypoker

The Grand Prix KO is back this spring with a 100.000 € guaranteed prize pool. Players can enter with entries starting from 50 € and, as usual, will receive a reward for each KO generated.

It will be available from Sunday, April 2nd until Tuesday, April 11st, and it is possible to qualify via Grand Prix Special Edition Spins from 0,50 €, as well as satellites from 1 €. Night satellites are also available from 5 €.

It includes several Day 1s and offers guaranteed access to the paying seats for players who advance to Day 2.

These are the Day 1 schedules:

  • 17:30 hours (CET)
  • 19:30 hours (CET)
  • 21:00 hours (CET)
  • 23:00 hours (CET)