Types of Partypoker tournaments

Within the online poker, there is a game modality that triumphs among the users. Its offer and characteristics can be a reason why we choose one or another poker room. We are talking about tournaments.

Poker tournaments have been established as a modality of the most popular variant of poker: Texas Hold’em. Moreover, this is one of the most frenetic and exciting types of games, and one of the most important prizes are obtained.

Unlike tournaments played in other games, poker tournaments do not have fixed rules. These are in accordance with the type of tournament or modality in which the game is played. Therefore, each table in the poker room, acts in a completely different way.

In Partypoker, one of the great references in the gambling sector with more than 20 years of experience, you will find a series of exciting tournaments that leave no one indifferent.

But, do you really know all the benefits that poker tournaments bring with them? We explain to you, quickly and easily, what they are and what advantages they bring with them.

What are poker tournaments?

Poker tournaments, as we have mentioned, are a form of the popular Texas Hold’em game. They are an excellent way to get started in the world of online poker, since the dynamics of the game is simple.

When participating in a poker tournament, all players have the same number of chips. The blinds increase progressively. The objective of the tournaments is to win the opponent’s chips.

Thus, if you are a beginner in the world of poker, tournaments are a good and effective first contact with the game. With the help of tournaments, you can become a competent player in a short time, and even win some of them. The level of tournaments is usually low, precisely because they are a good way to get started in online poker.

Next, we will address the tournaments that you can find in Partypoker, one of the rooms included in the top 10 online poker rooms worldwide by the number of connections. Every night, Partypoker hosts up to 15,000 players. This high traffic, in addition to the classic Omaha and Hold’em, is concentrated in its poker tournaments, a game modality in which this poker room has become a real specialist and reference.

Tournaments in Partypoker: Daily Legends

Partypoker has created a new group of tournaments known as Daily Legends, which include some of the most popular Partypoker tournaments. All the tournaments that we find in this group present favorable formats for the players, reason why they have become the favorite option for many users.

Among these favorable conditions we find:

  • Limited re-entries: Re-entries are limited and equal for all players. This is a gesture that aims to democratize the entries of players to tournaments, equalizing the possibilities for all and avoiding that those players who enjoy a good bankroll, can continually re-buy until they win.
  • Reduction of the late registration period: This measure limiting late registration means that Daily Legends tournaments do not last more than 5 hours. On the other hand, it also helps those who wait until the last minute to register to lose interest.
  • Prohibition of HUDs: with this measure, players will not be able to download the hand histories of their opponents to analyze their game, analyze them or even sell them to gain an advantage over them.

These Daily Legends are daily tournaments with variable buy-ins, ranging from €2 to €100, so that they can be adapted to any budget. They come with countless benefits for players, from guaranteed prizes to thousands of euros in added tickets.

We can find 10 Daily Legends tournaments, from which we can earn points, specifically two at each buiy-in level. These are very exciting events in which you can receive very attractive prizes and rewards.

Among the top Daily Legends tournaments, we find:

The Predator

This is a weekend tournament that has become the most popular and chosen by users. The buy-in is 20€ and has an excellent buy-in/prizepool ratio.

The Headhunter

The participation in this tournament is a real bargain, as you only need a buy-in of5 €.

The Five diamond

Starting with a buy-in of 5€, enjoy a tournament with a deepstack structure, the ideal structure for players with the gift of patience and the desire to experience profound sensations.

The Flash

Lightning-fast, this tournament is suitable for players with little time to play. Compete against 5 other opponents with a buy-in of 30€.

The Ninja

Tournament based on the PKO modality (Progressive Knockouts tournaments). Get an immediate reward (bounty) every time you eliminate a player. The amount of the bounty will depend on the price of the tournament, usually corresponding to the initial tournament buy-in.

6-player tournament with a buy-in of €20.

The Superstack

The Superstack is characterized by big blinds and big stacks. Buy-in of 50€.

The Terminator

Every day you will have the chance to enjoy this tournament, starting at only 10€.

The Titan

Are you looking forward to more PKO tournaments? Here comes The Titan, the Sunday tournament for 8 players in PKO mode.

The Gladiator

Are you ready for strong emotions? Participate in this tournament with a buy-in of 100€ and be the last gladiator standing.

The Samurai

Another of Partypoker’s tournaments in PKO mode. Perfect your mastery of the katana and become a fearsome samurai warrior from just €2.

The Warrior

But if we have to mention a PKO tournament full of epic and solemnity, we are talking about The Warrior, an 8-max and a buyin of 30€.

Other Daily Legends available are: The Storm, a quick 6-player PKO with a €2 buy-in; The Grinder, for those who prefer to be constant; The High Roller, the €250 buy-in event; The XtraDeep, buckle up in this €20 tournament and The Spartan, where the war between Spartans is served with this 8-player PKO tournament. Buy-in of 3 €.