October is the month in which one of the biggest poker games takes place. And we say it almost literally, because The Big Game takes place in October. Until the 11th, the first day of the multi-table tournament has been held, with a buy-in of 125 euros. From that day, day 2 is celebrated.

This is one of the poker competitions with the highest expectation. This great tournament guarantees a total reward of 100,000 euros, and has had several Days 1 until October 11, both in standard and turbo format, with a buy-in of 125 euros.

The standard format games were held in two different batches of 12 minutes, at 17:00 and 19:30, while the turbo mode took place at 21:30 in half the time, 6 minutes.

Those players who qualified on Day 1 moved on to Day 2, which took place at 21:00 on October 11. Best of all, there were also special €3 spins to win a ticket to the Big Game.

What The Big Game is all about

The Big Game is a multi-table tournament in which players are eligible to win a total reward of 100,000 euros. It is one of the most famous Partypoker tournaments, both for its volume in prizes and for the variety of competitions. Through the spin tournaments it is possible to qualify for The Big Game, obtaining the entry and being able to participate in Days 1 of the tournament.

But the real excitement is in the last round of the last Day 1, which can define who ends up in the list for Day 2 and who ends up being left out. It is a delicate moment that depends on the fortune of others, and nothing is decided until the 21:30 round, the turbo game that is part of Day 1, closes.

Once the rounds of these Days 1 have been completed, the Day 2 will be followed by a definitive list of qualifiers. Day 2 is where it is possible to opt for the 100.000 euros final reward, although for that you have to beat the rest of the players. It should not be forgotten that the tournament has a strong elimination component, and as players beat their rivals, they will be disqualified. Only a few will be worthy of finishing in the podium positions, and the best of all will be the one to take home the 100,000 euros.

To be able to enjoy the promotions, Partypoker only has two requirements: to be a verified player and to have been in the room for more than 30 days. This allows to maintain the stability of the platform and avoid massive last-minute registrations for a specific tournament, preserving the integrity of the digital platform and allowing players who do meet the conditions to enjoy all the virtues of The Big Game.

The spearhead of Partypoker competitions

Partypoker is one of the platforms that most assiduously organizes a series of tournaments and competitive games to offer its community a fun environment to play. During the summer it already stood out with its summer tournaments, it was associated with the McLaren Formula 1 team and games were played with the seal of the legendary firm of British motorsport, emulating the frenetic rhythms of motor racing in poker tournaments.

Several tournaments are also scheduled for this autumn and it is to be expected that, for next year, there will be more competitions in which succulent prizes will be distributed, presumably repeating this format of qualifying competitions.

The total amount of the rewards would be variable, although we are always talking about significant amounts given the popularity of the platform and its competitions. In addition, we are talking about tournaments with very attractive prizes, which boosts competitiveness and attracts high-level players. Therefore, we are talking about perfect tournaments for highly competitive players, eager to get a more than interesting prize with which to increase their reward history.

Partypoker is an ideal platform for those who want to be part of high-level competitions. Without neglecting the accessibility of the most affordable competitions, Partypoker makes sure to offer the perfect level of competitiveness for each type of player, organizing tournaments with different structures, modalities and rewards with which to keep its community united.

The Big Game is just one of the Partypoker tournaments. Although it is the main poker game that the platform makes available to its players in autumn, this is combined with other competitions ideal for competitive players. We recommend you to take a recurring look at its board to know the characteristics and dates of the main poker tournaments that the platform organizes throughout the year.