Partypoker’s The Grand: what it is and why it is one of the best attractions

The name of this tournament reveals many clues about its importance. The Grand receives this title because, without a doubt, it is. Becoming one of the most popular tournaments of Partypoker, The Grand makes the difference not only for its buy-in but also for its accumulated prize and its game structure.

Held every Sunday, this is the most important tournament of this day in terms of Partypoker’s offer. Characterized by its phase format, there are no satellite tournaments that give access to The Grand. To access it, you can pay the buy-in at any stage you want, even at the end. As we will see, this can be advantageous for both you and your opponents.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, do you want to get closer to the most important Partypoker tournament? Stay, we tell you everything you need to know.

What is The Grand tournament?

We are in front of the Partypoker stages tournament par excellence. In January of this year, 169 participants displayed all their skill on the green carpet to win the huge prize pool of $166,984.

Two well-known Brazilians among poker players, Brazilians Renan Bruschi and Pablo Silva experienced a thrilling head-to-head, in which the former managed to win $28,790 after reaching a deal.

The great references of the poker world measure their skill in this great tournament, which tells us about its enormous importance and popularity among poker lovers. If you want to find it in the Partypoker lobby, its name is The Grand: US$150K Gtd Phase Final.

With a buy-in of $1,050 in the final phase, it comes with a guaranteed accumulated prize above the jackpots we are used to, reaching $150,000. Best of all, the initial buy-in is available to anyone. Registration to the tournament remains open until the end of level 12, which corresponds to the last opportunity to make a single re-entry allowed.

Want to know how it works? Read on.

The stages of the tournament

To begin with, those who pay the aforementioned buy-in, $1050, will start with a starting stack of one million chips. Taking into account that the blinds start from 5,000/10,000, this is a large amount of chips to develop our game.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are no satellite tournaments that give access to The Grand, since this already has its own phases. The first of them establishes an access buy-in of $2.20, that is to say, any pocket could access it. The end of this first phase occurs when only 10% of the field is left. Whoever reaches this point with at least one chip will be able to continue to Phase 2.

The buy-in for this second phase is $22 and ends when 20% of the field is left. Those who have managed to stay in, move on to Phase 3. Things start to get serious. The buy-in continues to rise, currently standing at $109. The end of this phase occurs when 10% of the field is left. If you have passed this third phase, you enter the $1,050 buy-in final of The Grand, held on Sundays at 13:05 BRT /11.05 MX.

This fun and exciting structure for the users is another reason why the Grand is one of the most chosen tournaments by Partypoker players.

Partypoker Tournaments

The Grand are included in Partypoker’s popular Daily Legends group of tournaments, daily tournaments with variable buy-ins, ranging from £2 to £100, so they are suitable for any budget. They come with countless benefits for players, from guaranteed prizes to thousands of euros in added tickets.

One of the great attractions of The Grand tournament is its economic initial buy-in, within the reach of any player and any pocket. On the other hand, the guaranteed accumulated prize is another of the great attractions for which many players put all their efforts to reach the final phase.

It is also worth mentioning that you can pay the buy-in of any stage, even the final stage, so if you want to minimize risks, remember that you have that option. Although, you have to keep in mind that those players who have passed the stages, go to the next stage with their accumulated stack, which gives them an advantage over those who buy the initial stack in more advanced stages.

Besides The Grand, Partypoker offers big and exciting tournaments. We can find 10 Daily Legends tournaments, from which we can earn points, specifically two at each buiy-in level. These are very exciting events in which you can receive very attractive prizes and rewards.

It is worth mentioning, along with The Grand, the Predator Tournament, held on weekends, of great popularity among users; The Head-hunter, whose participation in this tournament is a real bargain, as you only need a buy-in of 5€ or The Gladiator, only for the most daring, lovers of strong emotions, with a buy-in of 100€.