The opportunity offered by Partypoker through the partnership with Theta Labs is unique for poker fans and platform regulars: to own a piece of Partypoker history through non fungible tokens, NFTs, which will allow to give a new boost to the platform through the new and popular format of these virtual collectibles.

The new possibilities of NFTs in the poker world

An NFT is a non-fungible token, a digital collectible that is applicable to everything: art, videos, music, tweets… Poker has also made it onto the list of themes that are positively affecting NFTs and Theta Labs has confirmed that its partnership with Partypoker aims to put these tokens into circulation.

The idea is that the Partypoker tokens will be a reflection of the platform’s history. Thus, each NFT will have a portion of Partypoker’s history and trading will allow players who own some tokens to trade the rest, encouraging collecting. The possibility of having all NFTs with partypoker history is really appealing.

This review of history will be done through key moments in games and tournaments on the platform, encompassing a whole series of highlights that can be revisited by the players themselves over and over again.

It has also been confirmed that some NFTs will feature the famous apes, creating an Apes Poker Club where all the Apes will gather. The so-called PokerApes will be special tokens, crafted with high-definition images that will also feature unique room touches, 3D artwork and other unique features yet to be confirmed.

The tokens will be developed by Theta Labs, one of the most established firms on the non-fungible token development scene thanks to its work with Ennovate, which will invest more than £100m in technology projects through its innovation centre.

Vadim Soloveychik, Director of Partypoker, and Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs, spoke about the expectations of this project.

Both have alluded to the long history of Partypoker, its consolidation in the market and the step forward that means joining forces with one of the giants of technological development, which expands the possibilities that poker players can enjoy the platform.