PartyPoker tournaments are the main attraction of the platform for players who seek strong emotions and want to measure themselves head-to-head with the best members of the house. In recent times, PartyPoker has promoted, more than ever, a large number of competitions of different characteristics in order to offer a sufficiently varied repertoire so that all types of players find games that fit what they are looking for.

And precisely to continue expanding the offer of competitive games, PartyPoker has created a new class of multi-table tournaments, launched under the PartyPoker Revamp label: new MTT tournaments that PartyPoker has created to add hundreds of additional tournaments every week. Included in this new category are new Sunday majors tournaments, already available.

PartyPoker Revamp: basic features

February 5 was the date set to kick off the new calendar of events and tournaments of PartyPoker. The spearhead of these new multi-table tournaments are the Sunday Party, the main Revamp tournament with a $109 buy-in and a prize pool that can reach $150,000 guaranteed. It is by far the highest figure registered in terms of guaranteed prizes in PartyPoker, being more than double the maximum figure that other tournaments reach on average in their respective prize pools.

In addition, these PartyPoker tournaments come hand in hand with a redesigned system of satellite tournaments with entry fees of $ 0.01, which streamline the parallel competitions and allow access to the Sunday Party through secondary competitions if you have been eliminated in any round of the main tournament. That, in addition, has ensured that from the beginning these new PartyPoker MTT tournaments have had enough players to guarantee a fluid and dynamic game.

One of the best additions to PartyPoker’s multi-table tournaments that the Revamps have brought with them have been the Sunday Carnivals, designed for those who can’t or won’t afford the $109 buy-in. The Sunday Carnival has an entry fee of $ 22 and offers a guaranteed prize of $ 50,000, keeping intact the structure of the Sunday Party, except for the blinds, which go up every 8 minutes instead of the 12 of the majors.

The new satellite tournament system also affects the Sunday Carnival, which features this new and abundant satellite scheme. The good thing is that both the Carnival and the Party start at 7:05 p.m. on Sunday, and have the same duration: two days, with the first one ending when only 16 players are left standing.

Advantages of Revamp tournaments

To these advantages of the Revamp tournaments of PartyPoker is added another interesting fact: the extension of the expiration dates. This improvement has its origin in the feedback that PartyPoker collects, taking into account the opinions of the players issued through social networks and other channels. The result of listening to the community has resulted in longer expiration dates for satellite winnings, as established by their demands.

The change is substantial, because they move from 7 to 45 days, which gives much more flexibility to players. In addition, some satellite tournaments now automatically register players at the destination tournament, something that did not happen before and could be a major problem for some players.

With these new changes, hundreds of new satellites have also been added from the previous program, feeding into the Daily Legends and PartyPoker Supers tournaments.

Weekend tournaments and extra guaranteed prizes

PartyPoker’s Daily Legends have always been a very important part of the platform’s competitive offerings. These are the daily tournaments that now have more attractive guarantees, and are now held from Monday to Sunday without interruption. The Big Weekend, the Saturday tournament with a buy-in of $215 and a guaranteed prize pool of $30,000, stands out in particular.

The offer of PartyPoker tournaments has been growing exponentially in recent times, increasing the buy-ins but diversifying their volume. Tournaments with Super Micro limits have been integrated, with entry prices that move in a range between 0.11 and 0.49 dollars.

This stems from players’ interest in having small buy-in tournaments that do not lose the competitive spirit. Fans of freerolls often complained that it was impossible to play at competitive limits because people, having no financial interest in the tournament, would play at a crazy pace.

With the integration of the Super Micro, it is possible to shape a tournament that keeps the spirit of the fun freerolls, but awakens enough financial interest to take the game seriously.