The Grand Prix PKO is one of the most outstanding poker events of the summer. Organized by PartyPoker, it enjoys enormous prestige, allowing players to obtain great rewards and dispute some of the most exciting moments of the poker championships of the whole PartyPoker season.

One of its most appreciated points is that it welcomes all types of players. Regardless of the experience of each one of them, they will be able to compete with very reduced entries and opt for big jackpots. That is one of the main claims that has turned the PartyPoker Grand Prix KO into one of the poker competitions of reference.

PartyPoker Grand Prix KO: how does it work?

The PartyPoker Grand Prix KO is seasonal. Both in summer and winter the respective registration periods are opened so that all types of players can compete in the PartyPoker Grand Prix. Any player can enter from 50 € and receive a reward for each KO they execute during the tournament.

The last edition was held from July 31 to August 9. The dates are announced prior to its celebration to adapt it to the most favorable dates of each year.

Players who wish can qualify for the PartyPoker Spin tournaments from 0,50 € in the case of the Grand Prix Special Edition tournaments. It is also possible to register for the satellite tournaments for €1.

The event itself lasts two days and has a structure designed for all types of players. Each day includes several Day 1s and guarantees, at the same time, access to the paying places to those who enter Day 2.

At the PKO Grand Prix held by PartyPoker in the summer, the Day 1 structure was segmented into four slots: at 17:30, 19:30, 21:00 and 23:00, offering a very varied range of entries to the competition.

Entry to the seats starts with a buy-in of €0.50 for the Grand Prix Special Edition Spins. The main difference with the satellite tournaments, whose buy-in is double the amount of the Grand Prix Special Edition, is that they can take the player directly to the final, without the need for a direct entry.

Players can also count on 5€ night satellites, available for the most determined players.

Other events that PartyPoker has been involved in is one of the poker firms that is betting more on poker events accessible to all types of players. The success of the firm organizing this type of poker contests was confirmed with the McLaren Turbo Series, which had a structure specifically designed to emulate the frenetic pace of motor racing and that the best players who signed up for the competition were able to enjoy.

One of the characteristics of these unique PartyPoker events is that they offer a variety and freshness that is rarely achieved in the poker world so effectively. The creation of particular structures for each competition, customizing the rhythms, but without excluding those players who are approaching the more serious poker competitions for the first time, has proven to be a success. And the great rewards that can be obtained thanks to the reduced entries and the volume of prizes makes it an extremely attractive idea to participate in the PartyPoker Grand Prix KO and in events such as the McLaren Turbo Series.

In the case of the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition organized by PartyPoker, there were 14 numbered events with entries from $5.50 to $320. The guaranteed accumulated prizes totaled a value of $500,000, to which 15% of the finalists who managed to advance to Day 2 with a minimum cash were aspiring.

The Grand Prix kicked off with the $3.30 Mini Opener and the $33 Opener. Players in the first event were fighting for a share of the $15,000 guaranteed pot, a figure that rose to $75,000 in the $33 Opener.

The highlight of the event came with the 6-Max Championship, with a $215 buy-in and up to $200,000 in guaranteed prizes, as well as the 7-Max High Roller, offering guaranteed rewards of up to $250,000 with a $320 buy-in.

The line-up of events was completed by the Mini variants of the 6-Max Championship and the Main Event, the Main Event itself, which offered a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000.  There was also the Super 50 event, the Super 5, the 6-Max High Roller and the Closer. A final Mini Opener put the icing on the cake for PartyPoker’s summer event.

If there are two names that have stood out in the PartyPoker Grand Prix KO Summer Edition, those are Augusto Hagen and Adam Jakobsen, who was defeated by the former. Hagen managed to secure a combined prize pool of over $51,000.