Partypoker Games

If you’ve been in the online poker world for a while, Partypoker is a name you’re sure to have heard of.

It is one of the leading poker rooms in the online poker industry, leading the way when it comes to bonuses, promotions, a rakeback of up to 60% and with an eye on creating the most satisfying experience for users.

All these incredible features justify its high traffic: every night, Pokertime accommodates 15,000 users. As is also the case in other online poker rooms, this traffic is especially concentrated in Hold’em and Omaha games. In these games, bets start from as low as 0,01/0,02€ up to 100/200€.

If you want to know more about Partypoker games, this post has been created especially for you.

Cash game

Partypoker is famous for offering a good variety of games. In online poker we can find cash games and tournaments. The first ones are considered as the most original and pure form of poker. These games, unlike tournaments, have no start or end time.

The cash games that we find in Partypoker – and that we will develop, below, in depth – are composed of several tables among which we find different game formats: heads-up (game against a single opponent); six players; nine players and ten players. To start the game at one of the tables, the amounts start at 0,01 €/0,02 € and can go up to reach, in some games, 5 €/10 €.

No Limit Hold’em

This is the predominant modality in Texas Hold’em and is the one we will see most frequently in tournaments and important games.

In this mode we can both bet and raise the bet until reaching any amount, without reaching the total of the chips in the stack, that is to say, the all-in. The only limit we find is the player’s own stack, since it is not allowed to bet extra money or personal items.

The minimum initial bet in this modality usually corresponds to the big blind. As for the raises of the bets, they must double the previous bet. The great risk we face in the No Limit mode is to run out of chips in a hand.

Fixed Limit Hold’em

In this Texas Hold’em modality, the increase of the bets is fixed by a limit, normally established by the blinds. Within the bets of this modality, we can distinguish between those that occur during the pre-flop and the flop, and those that take place in the rounds corresponding to the turn and the river.

In the bets of the preflop and flop rounds, only the sum of the big blind can be bet. Known as small bet, we can only raise the bets, in this round, a total of 4 times. From that number, players can only call.

In the bets that take place in the final rounds, which correspond to the turn and the river, you can only bet the sum of twice the big blind. In this case, we speak of a big bet. As in the bets of the first rounds, we can only raise the bet, in total, 4 times.

Pot-limit Hold’em

One of the most complicated modalities. Unlike the raise limits that we have found in the Fixed Limit mode, in Pot-Limit we can raise the bets as many times as we want, the last bet corresponds with the all-in.

The bets are determined by the amount of money in the pot at the moment we make the raise. We anticipate that the pot tends to increase a lot and very quickly, so the all-in in the final rounds are extremely common.

The advantage we have when enjoying this modality in online poker is that we save the calculations to know the limits we have to reach to make the bets. The software of the poker room is in charge of calculating it automatically and it is detailing the amounts to the players.

Pot-limit Omaha

This poker modality derives from the Texas Hold’em variant. Each player receives four cards, which make up his hole cards. As for the community cards, there are 5, and they are placed face up on the table. In the Omaha mode, players have to use 3 of the community cards, together with two of their own cards, to form the best poker hand. 

In Pot-limit Omaha, the bets made by each player correspond to the amount of the pot. Example: €200 in the pot, €200 will be your stake. In other words, the amount of the bets is determined by the amount of money accumulated in the pot.

Another cash game that we find in Partypoker is called Fastpoker.


Especially suitable for players looking for action and fast-paced excitement. It consists of a format that makes the hands follow each other at the speed of light.

Fastpoker has two differences with respect to the other Cash Games:

  • You will not be at a fixed table, but you will be a member of a group of players spread over several tables.
  • When you want to fold, you simply press the “Fast fold” button to get new cards at a new table. If you don’t like the hand you received, you can fold again. You can do this as many times as you want, until you get the hand you are interested in.


The tournaments in Partypoker are a very attractive point of this online poker room. Its great variety, with a buys-in within the reach of any pocket, and its great rewards, make that a huge traffic is concentrated in the different tournaments.

Among the tournaments, the Sit & Go tournaments stand out especially.

Sit & Go Tournaments

These are the most popular single-table tournaments, both among poker professionals and recreational players. In Sit & Go tournaments, the start time is set in advance. They usually run for 1 hour, from start to finish.

Its format, a single table, allows to understand how important is the position you occupy, the amount of chips that make up the stack, as well as the selective action. These skills are necessary for success in multi-table tournaments.

In Sit & Go tournaments, we can play in different formats, from heads-up to 6, 9 and 10 players. As for the structures, we can distinguish between turbo and hyper turbo. As for the minimum buy-in, it is 0,25€, although you can find games reaching 200€.