Partypoker FAQ

On this page you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions that poker players usually ask about some aspects of Partypoker. If these Partypoker FAQ do not answer your question, you can contact us and we will try to help you as much as we can.

Partypoker Welcome Bonus: does it exist?

If you are a Spanish player, you will not be able to enjoy the Partypoker Welcome Bonus. The poker room took the decision to withdraw the welcome bonuses it used to offer to players from Spain, in order to stay within the legal framework stipulated in the Royal Decree 958/2020. However, if you are a player from outside Spain, you will be able to claim your Partypoker Welcome Bonus.

Do I need an agent at Partypoker?

No, it is not necessary to play through an agent to enjoy all that Partypoker has to offer.

Partypoker Tournaments: what are they?

The Partypoker Tournaments are one of the main traffic engines of this poker room, something that is not surprising considering the wide diversity of tournaments available to be played in Partypoker throughout the day and week. The Partypoker Tournaments, in addition, have the enormous advantage of being suitable for any type of player, regardless of their level.

The Partypoker Tournaments that you can find if you are interested in playing in this room are the following:

  • KO Series Partypoker: these are events with a knockout format that are held punctually on previously announced dates. Its main point of interest is that the players who finish the tournament in paying positions share the prizepool, as usual, but they also get prizes for each player they eliminate from the tournament. The Partypoker KO Series is, as you can imagine, a pitched battle with games clearly oriented to attack.
  • Partypoker Spin and Go: these are three-player Sit & Go tournaments with a multiplier between 2 and 204,000 that determines the prize pool before the first card is dealt. Partypoker Spin and Go tournaments are suitable for all budgets with buy-ins from 1 to 100 euros and are held continuously.
  • Partypoker Freeroll: Partypoker Freeroll tournaments are usually held on a weekly basis when there are campaign events. These are tournaments, as you should already know, with no entry fee.

Other Partypoker tournaments that it is advisable to know are the regular tournaments (playable 24 hours a day), the Sundays (held on weekends) or the Main Event 50.000GTD (every Tuesday).

Can I download my hand history at Partypoker?

Yes, Partypoker allows you to download a file of your hands so you can make a post-game analysis that you may find interesting when developing or improving strategies.

Partypoker VIP: what is it?

Partypoker VIP is the loyalty program through which Partypoker players can get rewards based on rakeback without indirect rake structures. However, not all players can become part of Partypoker VIP, but you have to meet certain requirements, specifically the following:

  • Achieve 2,000 points or more monthly. Or, failing that, be a high stakes player in MTT tournaments.
  • Accept to receive VIP promotions.

As you can imagine, being part of Partypoker VIP entails certain important advantages that you would not get if you were not included in this exclusive system. Some of the most important benefits of Partypoker VIP are:

  • The ability to attend live events and hosted sporting events.
  • Dedicated VIP support 24 hours a day, and priority!
  • Reimbursement of up to 25% of rake
  • Your own account manager
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Priority withdrawals

How is cashback at Partypoker?

The cashback at Partypoker is one of the biggest attractions, undoubtedly. The cashback is weekly and varies from 5 to 25% (taking into account that these percentages are equivalent to figures from 10 to 2000 euros in rake).

It is also important that you take into account that the weekly cashback that you will receive will be different if you belong to Partypoker VIP. In this loyalty system the amount to be returned can be higher.

How does the Partypoker Rakeback System work?

There is nothing complex about the Partypoker Rakeback System, as it does not use indirect formulas and is not affected by random coefficients. This, from the players’ point of view, is very beneficial. For every euro in rake, registered players will receive 1 point.

In the Partypoker Rakeback System you receive up to 40% weekly rakeback, which is automatically deposited into the player’s account every Monday. If you have been comparing in other poker rooms, you will surely realize that it is one of the best rakeback systems on the market.

Are support softwares accepted at Partypoker?

Support software is not accepted in Partypoker. Neither HUDs, tracking tools or scripts, as Partypoker has an anti-reg commitment since 2019 from which restricted third party software.