PartyPoker is one of the platforms that offers the most tournaments. It has a wide repertoire of poker tournaments and group competitions that are held at specific times of the year, allowing players of all levels to always have a tournament in sight in which to test their skills. Tournaments in which they are also eligible to win some very nice prizes if they make it to the final table.

Of all the kinds of tournaments that have emerged in PartyPoker, the Daily Legends have been the ones that have generated the most hype among players. But what has been the determining factor in popularizing these competitions? What kind of tournaments are agglutinated within the Daily Legends? Let’s take a look.

Daily Legends Tournaments: what are they?

When PartyPoker talks about Daily Legends tournaments, they refer to a whole series of poker tournaments that operate under the same umbrella, that of its own platform, creating a system of interconnected tournaments with common rules and pre-fixed parameters.

Daily Legends tournaments offer players a safe and high-quality playing environment, allowing each type of player to find a suitable table according to their level and preferences, helping to tailor poker to their bankroll and experience. This has a positive impact on each player’s experience, allowing them to find an experience tailored to suit all tastes: buy-ins, stacks, average skill levels… any combination can be found in this group of legendary daily tournaments.

Feeling comfortable at the table where you are playing is essential for a good experience. That is why PartyPoker is always committed to variety, in all types of tournaments and with any caliber of prizes, being one of the most valued aspects by players who have ever had the opportunity to enjoy poker in one of PartyPoker’s daily tournaments.

The Daily Legends are inexpensive tournaments. The fact that they have a very low minimum buy-in total plays in their favour, encouraging a steady flow of players. Considering that some of the prizes can reach three zeros (as in the case of The Headhunter, which has come to have prizes of up to 1.500 euros), it means that for a ridiculously low buy-in you can get a considerable prize. The buy-in-reward balance is one of the best in Daily Legends tournaments.

Another plus point of the Daily Legends tournaments is their high activity. There is always movement, the flow of players never stops and this makes them one of the most dynamic tournaments, which in turn encourages new players to join, attracted by the constant movement of the tournament.

With such high daily activity, the Daily Legends has its own progression system. A progression that allows each player to have genuine options to enter different kinds of tournaments. In addition, these tournaments have an automatic linking system, facilitating the ideal table assignment and allowing each user to find a table suited to his or her level.

Main types of daily legendary tournaments

If when we talk about PartyPoker we always say that the variety of tournaments they organize per year is one of their virtues, within the Daily Legends tournaments that variety is maintained. Tournaments like The Five Diamond, with a buy-in of just €5, offers a Hyper and Turbo mode, with prizes ranging from 15 to 1.000€.

On the other hand, the cheapest of the Daily Legends, The Samurai, has an entry fee of only €2 in the adrenaline-filled PKO mode, action-packed Progressive Knockout tournaments, where the more eliminations you make, the more money you win.

In addition, as the tournaments are progressively renewed, the features change, but the range of tournaments remains the same, allowing all players to try all the tournaments depending on their buy-in and potential prize pool.

The Ninja is another of the most popular Daily Legends tournaments. It offers a more visceral and powerful experience, as it is designed for 6 players and has a slightly higher buy-in of 20 euros.

But the buy-in-prize balance is brutal, with rewards that can reach up to 6.000€. It is a tournament that takes place in various time slots, facilitating access to those who play other kinds of tournaments and cannot access The Ninja. Due to its characteristics and variety of games, it is one of the best known and most appreciated tournaments by the PartyPoker community fond of Daily Legends tournaments.

The Flash is another of the most popular tournaments within PartyPoker’s daily legendary competitions. Typically, The Flash is a competition for those looking for a fast-paced game and want to enjoy the game quickly. Designed for 6 players, it has a buy-in of 30 euros and has Turbo and Hyper modes, with prizes that can reach up to 1.000 euros.

If we go to tournaments with higher rewards, The Gladiator is the one that tops the list. The Gladiator is conceived as a kind of battle-royale, a game of all versus all in which each player fights for their own survival. The goal is to finish last in the tournament, with prizes of up to 4.000€ up for a buy-in of just 100€.

These deathmatches have a special Sunday game for 8 players, with guaranteed prizes of up to 10.000€. The demand to enter is very high and it is one of the most exciting tournaments in the Daily Legends tournament offering.

There are also tournaments that are designed for those who don’t want surprises and are always looking for a similar structure. The Terminator (with a buy-in of 10€), for example, has a systematic reward system that helps to predict winnings for its participants, ideal for those who love routines. It is in high demand precisely because of this, although the intensity of the games is not as high as it can be in The Gladiator or The Flash.