Thanks to new actions taken, the number of fraudulent accounts at Partypoker has continued to decrease. The Safer Poker campaign, launched in 2018, is partly to blame and has now established itself as an effective solution, redistributing almost $15,000 after closing fraudulent accounts in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

Bots have less and less of a place on Partypoker

The Partypoker platform has shown that it is serious about the purity of its games and has stepped up its efforts to ban accounts that violate access requirements, making the community a much safer place for other players. Partypoker has been known for being uncompromising on cheating and bot-driven players, keeping the community cohesive and free of cheating.

Partypoker’s campaign shows that cracking down on bots is effective and helps to keep the virtual poker tables fairly competitive. In the end, it’s all about keeping bots at bay and preventing dishonest practices, and in that Partypoker has managed to place itself at the top of platforms free of cheating or bot-driven players.

Since 2019, Partypoker has been improving its tools to remove rogue players and bots from its platform by implementing new rules. For example, the banning of HUD screens was one of the flagship measures and Partypoker pointed the way forward. Soon after, many poker platforms declared war on HUDs as well, banning their use.

The Poker Fraud team has also been strengthened in recent years, something that is noticeable when looking at the results obtained. The task of this team is precisely to pay attention to issues related to the integrity of the game, ensuring that players respect the rules and that no illegal use is made of any loopholes in the rules or in the platform’s infrastructure.

This team consists of former professionals, data scientists, programmers and GTO experts who carry out ongoing work to maintain the network infrastructure in optimal condition, detect fraudulent accounts and ban cheating players and bots.

The results are made public on a monthly basis, as Partypoker committed itself to a relentless and permanent fight against cheaters, something it maintains years later and with success, considering the results of its reports.

In total, so far more than 1,800 accounts have been closed from Partypoker and it has redistributed more than $2m to players since it began storing data relating to players banned from the platform at the end of 2018.

The record was broken in December 2018, when Partypoker executed the largest seizure in its history by redistributing more than $400,000 to players affected by dishonest practices.

Safer Poker, a successful campaign to drive out bots and dishonest players

The Safer Poker campaign has its own website that allows all players to view its third-party tools policy, as well as the practices and strategies that are implemented to track and enforce the expulsion from the platform of players who do not comply with the rules of access and fair play.

In addition, a short summary of practices that may justify expulsion from the platform is also provided. It is the responsibility of the players to know what practices can end up hurting them and what actions they should avoid in order to avoid a sanction or expulsion from Partypoker.

Thus, Safer Poker specifies that only a small number of tools are allowed to be used while playing at Partypoker. This list consists of PartyCaption, StackAndTile, PlaceMint, TableTamer, Universal Replayer, Intuitive Tables and SlotPokerPro.

Players are also warned that practices such as ratholing, which are considered unethical, should be avoided if they are to avoid action from the moderation team.

Ratholing is a practice whereby a player purposefully, but disguisedly, hides cards or money so that other players do not realize they have them. It is considered unethical because it encourages misreading of the game and deliberately causes harm to other players with a gesture that may be camouflaged as innocent but is actually carried out with full intent.