The winter edition of the PartyPoker Championship takes place during the first half of January. We now know the results of Main Event 1A and the chip counts per player after the first phase of the Main Event.

Results Day 1A: Main Event

It was the Ukrainian Ihor Hula who took the lead in the first of the six stages of the Main Event of the PartyPoker Championship Winter Edition. With a buy-in of $530 and a guaranteed reward of 500,000 chips, Ihor Hula is crowned the winner of the first phase of the Main Event, with his chances intact for later stages of the tournament.

What’s more, right now he is far ahead of the rest of the players, as he has a colossal chip stack and is already one of the favorites to reach the end of the Main Event of the PartyPoker Championship Winter Edition, which shows the meteoric rise that the Ukrainian has had in this first phase of the championship.

Day 1A was the starting point chosen by 175 PartyPoker players. However, only 26 of them made it through to Day 2, which takes place on January 16. Patrick Leonard, Tomas Fara, Diego Cuellar, Kenny Hallaert, Jerry Odeen and Tomi Brouk have fallen before the end of Day 1A.

But Ihor Hula managed to get ahead, aiming to be one of the finalists from the first round. With a starting stack of 500,000 chips, his prize pool climbed to over the eleven million thresholds by the time the game came to an end. By the end of the Main Event, the Ukrainian had amassed enough chips to lead the runner-up by almost two and a half million.

Second place in the Day 1A Main Event went to Dominykas Joksas with 8,838,498 chips. Samuel Vousden finished third, with almost six million, and was followed by Daniel Custodio and Gabriel Schroeder, who finished behind the podium areas by a very small margin.

In addition, Day 1A was a great day for those who signed up for the satellite tournaments. 11 of the 26 players managed to get their hands on their $530 seat through the weekly satellites that PartyPoker organizes. Patrik Kucera and Anthony Weldon finished with enough chips to earn a spot in the top 10, ahead of Blaz Zerjav, Antoine Saout, Alexandre Raymond and Alexandros Theologis.

Top 10 players with the highest chip counts after the Main Event

Looking at the chip counts after the end of the Day 1A Main Event, the top 10 ranking looks as follows:

PlacePlayerCountryNumber of chips
1Ihor HulaUkraine11.248.189
2Dominykas JoksasIreland8.838.498
3Samuel VousdenFinland5.968.294
4Daniel CustodioBrazil5.599.770
5Gabriel SchroederBrazil5.466.328
6Patrik KuceraCzech Republic5.034.617
7Blaz ZerjavSlovenia4.952.326
8Anthony WeldonUnited Kingdom4.340.064
9Antoine SaoutUnited Kingdom4.325.095
10Eliot JudonCanada4.117.203


Other winners on Day 1A of the PartyPoker Championship Winter Edition

During the mini Main Event held at the same time as the Main Event, with a buy-in of $55 and guaranteed prizes worth $100,000, 243 players participated. Thirty-six made it to the final phase, with Mark Truschkowski, with 13,323,996 chips, being the standout.

Elvis Arzic, Austrian, stood out in the first round, as did Jonas Mortensen, Joao Baumgarten, Mathias Siljander and Eliot Hudon, the latter having also made it through the first round of the Main Event.

The chip count ranking by players after the mini Main Event is as follows:

PlacePlayerCountryNumber of chips
1Mark TruschkowskiGermany13.323.996
2Elviz ArzicAustria9.214.834
3Jonas MortensenDenmark8.652.802
4Christoph SchiendorferAustria8.043.887
5Tamas MatyasUnited Kingdom7.814.469
6Andre Luiz Santos SilvaBrazil7.296.077
7Marc HonigGermany5.594.387
8Philip MousdellUnited Kingdom4.348.120
9Sergio Filipe Da Silva VelosoMalta4.268.783
10Emil SjogrenSweden3.599.771


PartyPoker Championship Winter Edition schedule starting January 8th

The events scheduled for the rest of the championship starting January 8 are as follows:

DayTimeTournamentBuy-inMax. prize
8/17:05 pmPPC Winter #01 Main Event Día 1C$530$500.000
8/17:05 pmPPC Winter #02 Mini Main Event Día 1C$55$100.000
15/17:05 pmPPC Winter #01 Main Event Día 1D$530$500.000
15/17:05 pmPPC Winter #02 Mini Main Event Día 1D$55$100.000
16/14:05 pmPPC Winter #01 Main Event Día 1E$530$500.000
16/14:05 pmPPC Winter #02 Mini Main Event Día 1E$55$100.000
16/16:05 pmPPC Winter #01 Main Event Día 1 Turbo$530$500.000
16/16:05 pmPPC Winter #02 Mini Main Event Día 1 Turbo$55$100.000
16/19:05 pmPPC Winter #01 Main Event Día 2$500.000
16/19:05 pmPPC Winter #02 Mini Main Event Día 2$100.000
17/19:05 pmPPC Winter #01 Main Event – Mesa Final$500.000
17/19:05 pmPPC Winter #02 Mini Main Event – Mesa Final$100.000