The winter edition of the poker championship organized by Partypoker will be held from December 25th to January 17th. The platform has already confirmed that the Main Event will have prizes of up to 500,000 dollars and will have a full program of tournaments.

One of the main novelties that Partypoker brings for this championship is that it will have satellites with $0.01 starting. The satellites will take place through tournaments with entry levels of $1.10, $5.50 and $22 in the weekly Main Event satellite of the winter championship, in which players cannot participate directly.

The Winter Edition Spins will also return, with $10 buy-ins and entry prizes ranging from $20 to $530, depending on the multiplier.

Partypoker Championship Winter Edition 2022 Schedule

The championship will start on December 25. The designated structure is as follows:

– Day 1A. Sunday, December 25 at 19:05 GMT.

– Day 1B. Sunday, January 1 at 19:05 GMT.

– Day 1C. Sunday, January 8 at 19:05 GMT.

– Day 1D. Sunday, January 15 at 19:05 GMT.

– Day 1E. Monday, January 16 at 16:05 GMT.

– Day 1 Turbo. Monday, January 16 at 18:05 GMT.

– Day 2. Monday, January 16 at 21:05 GMT.

– Final table. Tuesday, January 17th at 21:05 GMT.

It should be noted that this edition of the Partypoker Championship Winter Edition is the first one that will bet on a 100% online model, leaving behind the hybrid semi-presential competitions. Of the four main events, two will be played as No-Limit Hold’em and the other two as Pot Limit Omaha.

The options for the most conservative players, the centrolls, are already available, starting with only 0.01 dollars. The weekly final, as we say, lacks direct entry and will deliver at least a dozen seats of $530 guaranteed, entering through satellites that will be available throughout the week.

Watch out, because cash prizes and several tickets to the Main Event will also be given away.

On November 20th, one of the weekly Partypoker Championship Winter Main Event Satellites was played, which left 16 qualifiers with a record of 45 opponents. Ivan Raich was the only Latino to secure his seat for Day 1A of the tournament, which will be held on December 25.

Among the names that were included in the list of qualifiers in that same satellite along with Ivan Raich are Teemu Vornanen, Daniel Thomas, Ted Johansson, Duoc Van Le, Mario Guenzel, Henry Warner, Thomas Walsh, Fabio Sperling, Andrew Aspinall or Mary Pudmoreff, among others.

Why sign up for the Partypoker Championship Winter Edition?

Partypoker has proven to be one of the top platforms when it comes to organizing poker tournaments and competitions both semi-face-to-face and online. Its competition schedule is full of new events that bring together poker players from all over the world, where more and more improvements are introduced to attract all types of players.

This winter edition will feature new features that are designed to improve accessibility, such as buy-ins of $ 0.01, which allow access to centrolls from which to try to win a place in the tournament standings.

Partypoker has become for many players the reference firm when we talk about organizing poker tournaments. It is true that the frequency with which they announce new competitions is higher compared to other names in the sector, but in no case do they fall into saturation when offering new editions of some of the most beloved tournaments by players.

The winter edition brings a 100% online mode to Partypoker’s poker championships. The reception is expected to be good, considering the good form that Partypoker can boast, and the number of players is expected to increase compared to past editions of the championship, which have had a significant number of participants.

At the end of the Partypoker winter championship in mid-January, the engines will soon be warming up for the championships that will take place in a few months. Stay tuned to the news that Partypoker announces so as not to miss the opportunity to participate in their poker championships and opt for great prizes in games of various modalities and with different entries.