With 2023 just entered, PartyPoker has taken the opportunity to give a twist to its well-known KO Series. Since day 1 they are being held, and will last until Wednesday, January 11st, 2023. The estimated value of these series in combined guarantees amounts to €1 million.

The KO Series are part of PartyPoker’s winter festival, characterized by its wide range of buy-ins and multiple KO formats: Ultra, Total, Turbo, Old School, Lucky 7, PKO 30%…. Each of the tournaments in this series has a PKO format.

In these tournaments, the players who finish in the payout positions acquire their bounty as in any other tournament… with the difference that, for each player you eliminate, you will get a cash reward, increasing your bounty.

KO Series 2023: when they are held and expected game types

The New Year’s KO Series takes place from January 1st to 11st, 2023, with a special elimination Freeroll that includes significant elimination rewards. All the characteristic variety of PartyPoker tournaments is maintained, with Texas Hold’em and Omaha games in Spins tournaments and with different modes and speeds.

During the KO Series, there will be a whole array of alternative Spins tournaments, where players will get entries as prizes instead of a cash reward.

Before these tournaments start, the prize money is chosen by lottery. The total amount will not exceed the value of 50 times the buy-in. The KO Series Spins are for 3 players, have a buy-in of €3 and the first prize includes a direct entry to the KO Series Main Event.

     Multipler appliedFrequency in 1 million games       Reward 1st prize          Rewards  2nd prize
                   2                  682.500              6€ cash                         –
                   3                  235.000              9€ cash                         –
                   5                   75.000             15€ cash                         –
                  50                    7.500            125€ ticket                  25 € cash


KO Series Promotions

PartyPoker’s New Year’s KO Series has a promotional code, KOS23, which allows you to get a random entry until January 9. The price of that entry will be random, ranging from €3 to €125.

Players who play at least 5 KO Series tournaments (excluding satellites) will receive a ticket for the Killer Freeroll to be held on January 9.

The Killer Freeroll is a new tournament that will make its debut at the PartyPoker KO Series. It will feature an additional 5,000 in tickets. Each player will have €1 on his head as a reward as soon as the tournament starts.

Thus, a hunting game will begin in which, whoever eliminates an opponent, will receive half of his reward as a prize. The other half will become part of the bounty on your head, so that everyone will see how much the price for hunting you has gone up and how much you have received in your pocket.

The amounts increase as you advance in level, reaching amounts not suitable for the faint-hearted. A golden opportunity to turn the cat and mouse game into the perfect opportunity to get a succulent loot for leaving your rivals KO’d.

In addition, KO Series Spins tournaments will also be available, offering players the chance to receive tickets to the KO Series in just a few minutes. To access these Spins, players only have to pay a buy-in of €3.

To participate in the KO Series, you must be over 18 years old, have a gaming account open during the 30 days prior to the event, have and have presented, if requested, proof of age documentation to proceed to the verification of data, not be included in any category in which restrictions apply to the receipt of promotions, and have made at least 1 deposit in your PartyPoker account.

Each of the tickets awarded during the KO Series promotions can only be used in the events of this series. At the end of the competition, the tickets expire.

In case of ticket expiration, they will be replaced by a ticket of equivalent value within 72 hours.

As for the application of the deposit bonus, it can be claimed until January 9th at 23:59 hours. It is a fundamental requirement that the deposit is 20 euros or more, that it is only used once per player during the duration of the promotion and that the right to exchange the ticket or obtain a refund for them is waived, as they do not give the right to exchange them for money.