In recent weeks the Millions Online KO series has taken place at PartyPoker. More than 12 players have been proclaimed champions, among them Adrian Mateos, who once again added one more title to his repertoire of prizes, maintaining the growing trend of trophies he is obtaining for his good performance in contests and competitive poker games.

In all, there were 103 players who joined the Millions Online KO #09 8-Max for $530, eventually creating a prize pool of over $51,000. Several of the best players in the world were gathered in this competition, and some of them made it to the nine-handed final table.

What is the Millions Online KO and the case of Adrian Mateos

The Millions Online KO is a knockout poker series. This year, PartyPoker member Patrick Leonard was the first of the nine finalists to go down, taking home a prize of $1,155. He was followed by David Harris, Theo Bijaoui, Vanessa Hamilton, Diogo Coelho and Christian Pedersen.

The podium area was started by Elio Fox, who came in third, with Jaime Staples and Adrian Mateos, who battled in a final play in which the latter was proclaimed the winner of the series. Staples was eliminated with a button worth almost $6,000, and Mateos emerged champion with a win of more than $12,400.

Barbosa wins in the Opener event; Troymenko, in the 8-Max side event

Although Adrian Mateos was crowned champion of the series, the $162 buy-in Opener event was won by William Barbosa, maintaining the trend of Brazilian players and adding another victory to his record.

The Opener event had a total of 913 entrants, creating a prize pool of almost $137,000. Of the 913 participants, 136 made it to Day 2. Jerry Odeen, Diego Cuellar, Matthew Staples or Steven Van Zadelhoff cashed – among others -, but they fell out of the top 6 and could not take their place at the final table.

That final table was occupied by Austrian and Brazilian players. The first to fall at that final table was Gilles Simon. He was followed by Breno Avelino, Johan Shulz-Pedersen and Soenke Jahn. The final duel was between Tomas Patka and William Barbosa, the latter taking first place and earning a reward of $17,225.

There were also several side events, including an 8-Max tournament with a $215 buy-in that Oleksii Troymenko won, beating 263 players and accumulating a total of $9,784.

PartyPoker’s boost in the celebration of competitive games

PartyPoker has become the leading organizer of competitive poker tournaments, series and events for all kinds of players. It has one of the busiest schedules among all the platforms dedicated to organize and host players from around the world, and the great attraction of its competitions is that they are suitable for all types of audiences, with buy-ins adapted to the level of the game, allowing players with different degrees of skill to enjoy PartyPoker competitions.

The Millions Online KO Series is an elimination poker series in which the participants form a prize pool and fight for it in different phases. The players that are eliminated are forming the classification from the bottom of the table, until there are only two players who opt for the maximum reward.

As in other PartyPoker competitions, there are several levels and different parallel events so that those eliminated in the main series can continue enjoying the game. In these events it is also possible to win important rewards, so the game never ends, despite having been KO’d in the main series of the Millions Online KO.

These competitions also serve to test the form of the players and to win great rewards with affordable buy-ins. The last Millions Online KO Series held by PartyPoker left a good taste in the mouth for Spanish poker, with Adrian Mateos leading the way, but also confirmed the good form of Brazilian poker, maintaining a steady pace of victories in all types of competitions.

For the rest of the year and for the beginning of 2023, PartyPoker has already organized the schedule of events and online competitions on its platform. Keep up to date with the news and new announcements, and don’t forget that you can enjoy the double rakeback system in any PartyPoker room by registering at PartyRakeback to accumulate rakeback points and exchange them for additional prizes and rewards.