The Malta Poker Festival is one of the main poker events of the year. The 2022 edition takes place from October 24th to 31st, and brings together the best players on the continent, who gather in this paradisiacal destination to enjoy, for a week, their greatest passion: live poker.

It offers a whole series of incentives and rewards to make the Malta Poker Festival 2022 the definitive edition. In addition, it has been considered as the friendliest poker event and with the best atmosphere in Europe, so it is expected that in this new edition all expectations will be exceeded.

How to qualify with PartyPoker for the Malta Poker Festival

The Malta Poker Festival has a typical tournament structure. That means that its qualification system is by elimination, that is, each day there are several poker games with different levels, stacks and modes, as well as with different blinds and with prizes that can reach 500.000 euros.

To enter the Malta Poker Festival to be held at the Portomaso Casino in Malta, you must register for each of the days. It is advisable to take a look at the characteristics of the registration rounds and the opening times in order to have a guaranteed place.

The festival’s layout is rich and varied. It can become overwhelming to see the number of open games during the week-long festival, so let’s do a little review of the program so you have clear the structure and the division of poker rounds for the 2022 edition.

Schedule of the Malta Poker Festival 2022

Day 1: October 24th

  • Opening Satellite top MPF Grand Event. On October 24, the Malta Poker Festival kicks off with an opening satellite tournament at 19:00. It has a buy-in of 55+5, a blind of 20′ and a stack of 15,000, with unlimited re-entries.

An accessible opening and perfect to get into the dynamics of the tournament with which to warm up and get ready.

Day 2: October 25th

  • HORSE 5 Game Mix Powered by Cardplayer Lifestyle. For the next day the number of games increases to 3. The first one will take place at 18:00. With a buy-in of 200+30, the HORSE 5 Game Mix offers a good opportunity to train in a big way. It has unlimited re-entries, just like the rest of the day’s competitions.
  • Satellite to MPF Grand Event. At 19:00 the second satellite tournament will take place, with a buy-in of 55+5.
  • NL Texas Special. It will be followed by a No Limit Texas Special round at 21:00, with a buy-in of 85+15.

Day 3: October 26th

  • MPF Grand Event Day 1A Powered by Partypoker. At 14:00 the first partypoker Main Event will take place. It is the first opportunity to try to get the total reward of 500,000 euros. It has a limit of 2 re-entries and a preset stack of 50,000.
  • Satellite to MPF Grand Event. A satellite game with similar characteristics to those of the previous days is scheduled for 19:00, which will be complemented with a round at 21:00 with the MPF One Bullet.
  • MPF One Bullet. It has a buy-in of 130+20 and is Freeze-Out.

Day 4: October 27th

  • MPF Grand Event Day 1B Powered by Partypoker. Another round of the Main Event with prizes up to 500,000 euros. It takes place at 14:00 and its characteristics are identical to those of the previous day’s event 1A.
  • Bounty Hunter Days Malta. It has a buy-in of 100+100+30, a stack of 30,000 and unlimited re-entries. It takes place at 17:00.
  • Satellite to MPF Grand Event. The next round of the satellite tournament takes place at 20:00. Its buy-in is 55+5.

Day 5: October 28th

  • MPF Grand Event Day 1C Powered by Partypoker. The third round of the Main Event with identical characteristics to the previous ones. It is also held at 14:00.
  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1. It takes place at 16:00 and has a buy-in of 200+25, two re-entries and a stack of 30,000.
  • Satellite to MPF Grand Event. At 18:00 the next satellite round takes place to qualify for the Main Event.
  • Deepstack Fulltilt Catania. It takes place at 20:00 hours. It has a buy-in of 130+20 and a stack of 40,000 and unlimited re-entries.

Day 6: October 29th

  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 2 and FT. This is a closed registration game. Held at 1:00 pm.
  • MPF Grand Event Day 1D Powered by Partypoker. Takes place at 14:00.
  • Ladies First! Hosted by Katie Swift. This women’s poker event will take place at 16:00 hours, with a buy-in of 90+10 with unlimited re-entries.
  • APAT Maltese Championship Day 1. At 17:00. Buy-in of 100+20 and 1 single re-entry.
  • CasinoCoin CUP Satellite. It will take place at 20:00 hours. Its buy-in is 130+20 and has unlimited re-entries. Its preset stack is 50,000.
  • MPF Grand Event Day 1E Turbo Powered by Partypoker. The next round of the Main Event takes place at 21:00. It is the only day in which two rounds of the partypoker Main Event are held, and it is the last one that allows two re-entries and is open-ended, with an identical buy-in of 500+50.

Day 7: October 30th

  • MPF Grand Event Day 2 Powered by Partypoker. At 13:00 this round of the Main Event will take place. It is closed registration. It is followed by a whole series of rounds that take place between one and two hours apart.
  • APAT Maltese Championship Day 2 and FT. At 2:00 pm. It is also closed registration.
  • CasinoCoin CUP Turbo Satellite. It also takes place at 14:00, so that those who can not play the APAT Maltese Championship can enjoy this satellite tournament in turbo mode. Only one re-entry is allowed.
  • CasinoCoin CUP Day 1. It is played at 16:00. Its buy-in is 1.000+100.
  • Sunday Deep Stack by Stanleybet. An event with unlimited re-entries that takes place at 17:00.
  • PLO Knight Crusaders. This unlimited re-entry event is played at 19:00. Its stack is 35,000.
  • The PartyPoker Cup. With a buy-in of 300+30, this game with a stack of 20.000 and unlimited re-entries will be played at 20:00 hours.

Day 8: October the 31st

The closing day will follow the following schedule:

  • MPF Grand Event Day 3 and FT Powered by Partypoker. At 14:00. It is the final installment of the Main Event.
  • CasinoCoin CUP Day 2 and FT. Takes place at 14:00.
  • Bounty Hunter Days Progressive Closer. Its buy-in is 50+50+20 and has no-limit re-entries.
  • Win The Spooky Cross Hosted by Ivonne Montealegre. The final touch is provided by this event that takes place at 19:00. Unlimited re-entries, a buy-in of 130+20 and a stack of 20,000 are its features.