Last January another round of the winter KO Series was played, whose victory has a patriotic flavor as Mode_Tilt_On, of Spanish origin, was the winner, ahead of the almost two hundred players who played the series and who could witness the high level that the series have acquired thanks to the growing popularity of the PartyPoker rooms, and the generalized interest of the new generations of poker fans, who have it easier than ever to start learning to enjoy the star game.

PartyPoker KO Series: who was the winner?

The Spanish Mode_Tilt_On was proclaimed winner of the January KO Series, ahead of the French foxyfoxy1j, LaTondeuse9, Marc Dusmic and Pot_de_Nuts, who complete the top 5. Other Spanish players with outstanding performances can also be seen in the ranking, such as neZdeCocHoN, Aimbot, LagartijaPaola, Taila_rein and Act31.

The High event had a buy-in of 125 euros, and was contested by a total of 182 players, who registered in order to become the winners of the KO Series in January. A PKO 6-max tournament in which those with experience in shorthanded games had an extra advantage.

At the final table, the Spaniard ended up taking a total reward of 20.235 euros, counting the total prize money and bounties. NeZdeCocHoN finished in seventh place, winning a prize of 3.902 €, followed by Aimbot, who pocketed 2.072 € in prize money.

It is worth remembering that the first KO Series of 2023 had more than 1.000.000 € in combined guarantees, offering varied buy-ins and keeping all the formats loved by the community: Total, Ultra, Turbo, Old School, 30% PKO, Lucky and others.

All about PartyPoker’s KO Series

The PartyPoker KO Series are one of the types of competition most loved by the community, something very commendable considering that each time the variety of PartyPoker competitions is greater.

And not only for the volume of guaranteed rewards, but also for the structure, frequency and heterogeneity, key aspects that allow all players who are part of PartyPoker to enjoy these competitive tournaments to test their skills.

And accessibility is one of the key points in which PartyPoker has worked to optimize the dynamics of its KO Series. Under this name encompasses a whole series of competitions adapted to the preferences of each user.

All PartyPoker tournaments belonging to the KO Series had a PKO format, boosting bounties by elimination. Those players who finish in the payout positions get their bounty, but to increase the bounty you have to eliminate players. The bounty goes up for each opponent eliminated, so leaving the most dangerous opponents out of the equation is a must to start progressing.

Incentives continue to be one of the characteristics of the KO Series and PartyPoker competitions in general, encouraging progression and creating a circular scheme of games that prevents those who do not reach the top positions from being automatically left out.

For example, those who played 5 or more KO Series tournaments, not counting satellites, received an entry into the Killer Freeroll, a new tournament with an added 5K in which a 1 € bounty per head will be placed at the start of play. The player who eliminates an opponent will be able to put 50% of his bounty in his pocket, leading to significant additional rewards.

Another of the star competitions, apart from the KO series, are the Spins that are part of these PartyPoker elimination series. Under the name of SPINS KO Series, these games are available to be played in minutes, with a buy-in of 3 € and a lot of frenetic action on the sidelines of the rest of PartyPoker MTT tournaments.

It is worth remembering that in order to be part of the list of players allowed to compete in the KO Series and in any other tournament of the platform, you must be a registered user with a minimum seniority of 30 days. In addition, the tickets won can only be used in the same edition of the KO Series, conditions that are maintained in the rest of the editions to be held in 2023.

As for the SPINS tournaments, a random draw is always carried out in advance to determine the prize money, which can be between 2 and 50 times the buy-in price.