MILLIONS is a sort of showcase of poker series under the PartyPoker umbrella. With it, the offer of poker competitions is expanded, extending the advantages of MILLIONS to all the competitions that are part of this series.

Late summer saw the MILLIONS Online, a series of fifteen massive events with different buy-ins offering guaranteed prize pools that, combined, surpassed the $6 million mark, two of which were reserved for the Main Event alone, with a buy-in of 3,200 dollars.

With the introduction of recurring new features that characterizes PartyPoker, now MILLIONS has a mystery package that any player can get … for a payment of 0,01 euros! How? Keep reading…

What is a MILLIONS mystery package?

The Mystery MILLIONS package is PartyPoker’s latest addition to their poker series. Its value is set at 5.000€ and each week a player is eligible to win it for just one euro cent.

Those who win the mystery packages will receive three different destinations on the PartyPoker LIVE tournament schedule for 2023, which will be chosen in the second half of January. In addition, they will have the opportunity to play in the MILLIONS Main Event at the selected destination, which has an estimated value of over 3.000€, covering the cost of accommodation, travel and other expenses incurred during their stay.

The voucher also comes with an invitation to the inaugural PartyPoker LIVE Party, the perfect opportunity to see first-hand what’s new at MILLIONS.

In short, the Mystery MILLIONS package includes:

  • Buy-in. The 3.000€ buy-in is the main reward of the package, which covers the entry fee to participate in the Main Event at the chosen destinations.
  • Accommodation. All costs associated with accommodation are covered, facilitating the player’s stay in order to play the game.
  • Associated expenses. In addition, the associated expenses for the stay are covered as part of the reward.
  • Exclusive invitation. Included in the pack is an exclusive invitation to the inaugural PartyPoker LIVE Party.

How to win the 5.000€ package for 0,01€

One of the main attractions of the 5.000€ Mystery MILLIONS package, in addition to its array of rewards, is that it can be won for an entry fee of just one euro cent. But how does this work?

The key is the satellite tournaments. Mystery MILLIONS satellites are triggered in the lobby, each with different ratings and different buy-ins. This makes it possible to offer games tailored to all types of players, expanding the possibilities for those looking for games tailored to their bankroll.

There are games with buy-ins of 0,01€, 4,40€, 11€, 55€ and 530€. The key here is that the player has the ability to choose the entry that best suits their bankroll, being able to play the finals with a high buy-in and qualify for the two direct re-entries with five chances to do so.

You can choose to enter the Centroll with a buy-in of 0,01€, but from there you can work your way up as your stack increases and you find yourself in a more comfortable position. The opportunity to move up through the ranks and be eligible to play higher level games, with higher buy-ins and potentially bigger prizes, brings all kinds of players closer to the Mystery MILLIONS package in the final stage.

These Mystery MILLIONS satellite tournaments are mystery bounty tournaments. Instead of offering traditional cash prizes, the rewards are in the form of MILLIONS Live Main Event packages, at a destination to be specified at a later date, worth up to 5.000€. The PartyPoker LIVE tournament schedule, as well as entry fees and specific times per event, will be finalized from 19 January.

Satellites, the best option to get a seat at a low price

In its eagerness to offer equal opportunities to those who cannot enjoy a comfortable bankroll, PartyPoker has made strong its satellite tournament system. Nowadays, both inside and outside of MILLIONS, satellites are a key element in expanding the chances of winning a seat in the Main Event to those who can’t afford to pay a high-caliber entry fee.

That’s why MILLIONS is so well received: for a buy-in of 0,01€ you can qualify for the Mystery MILLIONS package, with all the rewards it includes, catapulting you into the later stages of MILLIONS and allowing you to become part of the PartyPoker community with one of the most powerful prizes ever.

PartyPoker continues to offer its satellites in all the competitions it organizes, helping all kinds of players to have the opportunity to enjoy the prizes included in the tournaments organized throughout the year.