Poker tournaments are a great way to test your skills against a whole community of players who share the same eagerness to win in poker tournaments, improve at their own pace and prove they are the best. That makes the competitiveness is the order of the day, making all the battles are lived to death and the prizes are increasingly coveted.

Partypoker is one of the platforms that has been more and better dedicated to the organization of poker tournaments in a lot of varieties, modalities and schedules. Their eagerness to create a varied repertoire of competitions has led them to be the pioneer firm in the creation of unique poker tournaments, which is making the Partypoker community grow more and more every day.

Strategies to play poker tournaments online

Despite all this variety of competitions and formats, strategy is a common denominator in all of them. That is why, both in the case of recreational players and in those players of higher level, knowing how to apply the theory to the strategy in each round is fundamental to be able to opt for the jackpot.

Before talking about how to win a poker tournament, we have to take into account one of the star techniques to play poker tournaments: the block bets, an ideal resource to prevent anyone from being better positioned than us in the hunt for the pot. This has the risk of exposing us to a string of small raises that only aim to erode us, something we must resist. To avoid attrition, let’s look at the BB and if it goes up, so do we.

We must be careful with the raises. The check-raise can work against aggressive players, but the raise must be controlled. In addition, with this play it can happen that the villain ends up seeing without cost the cards he can use to beat us, something that puts us on the ropes.

How to win online poker tournaments?

Now, let’s dive into the question of strategies for poker tournaments. Let’s start by talking about multi-table tournaments, which play in their own league and have their own particularities.

These tournaments are not for everyone, even though advances in terms of accessibility have been formalized both on the design and game dynamics front. They demand an extremely high level of concentration, and while they offer superior rewards, if you lose control of your hands you’re out of luck.

One of the best tips for playing online poker tournaments you’ll ever read: every move made in an MTT has to have a walkthrough. That is to say, here you always play for the long term. Therefore, patience is an indispensable quality to be able to stand out as an MTT player. Time is also a tool that can be used against the most desperate opponents. This helps you to understand the other players’ game and to discover some tells in complicated situations.

In an MTT going short stack is tempting fate. Because if you run out of stack, you can give up for lost. The fundamental thing is always to expand the stack and, when it has grown enough, then go for an aggressive style of play. This is something that feeds back, because you only play aggressively with the security that a big stack gives. Without it, the game is lighter.

Diversifying is something that has to be in your DNA. Because in a multi-table tournament, it is not conceivable that you always play the same way in each and every one of the tables where you have open play. It is basic that you can opt to win some reward from poker tournaments for playing with different strategies, something that precisely allows an MTT to be able to play simultaneously. Take advantage of it.

Poker tournaments to learn

The question is not only to know how to play poker tournaments: it is also to have criteria to choose. And playing a tournament without references is like investing blindly in a deposit you know nothing about.

To have the maximum guarantees, it is essential that you have the reference of a great platform like Partypoker, expert in organizing competitive poker tournaments and that has a wide repertoire of formats.

One of the most popular types of Partypoker tournaments are the Daily Legends, which can be accessed through PartyRakeback to enjoy its double rakeback system and a series of exclusive additional advantages to encourage competitiveness.

The Daily Legends are a series of tournaments that offer a safe and modern competitive environment, helping to enhance your online poker playing experience and improving player flow to keep access to new opponents and tables always open to find the perfect competitive experience.

Continuous action is what defines these tournaments, designed to keep alive the desire to improve of all those who seek to refine their game based on discipline, dedication and experimentation, offering accessible gaming experiences tailored to different types of players.

There is a whole repertoire of daily tournaments that we encourage you to discover for yourself so that you know firsthand everything that Partypoker Daily Legends tournaments can offer you. They are a safe bet!