Partypoker is one of the top poker platforms. It is among the best valued for being one of the best in terms of organization of events, competitions and variety of games, in addition to having a modern and secure software, designed to streamline navigation, optimize the speed of play and make all kinds of players enjoy an experience at the height of their expectations.

One of the aspects in which Partypoker has always stood out has been the rakeback, thanks to a basic cashback system of up to 25% per week. In addition, it has a reward system that allows the points earned (you get 1 point for every euro of rake) can be redeemed for prizes.

Partypoker Rakeback: basic keys

To enjoy the Partypoker cashback it is necessary to accumulate a minimum of 10 points. Depending on the points earned, the percentage of cashback received will be adjusted. In case the points balance is halfway between levels, the last level reached will always be taken into account.

The current rakeback system at Partypoker is one of the most attractive, because it does not make use of any complex mathematical formula to purposely reduce the level of reward to be returned. But if we take into account that it is possible to enjoy all the advantages of the room and also add a series of additional incentives for playing at PartyRakeback, things look even better.

By joining Partypoker and playing through PartyRakeback, it is possible to get up to 42% rakeback, which is deposited every Monday, the same day Partypoker deposits the rakeback. This way, you receive everything at once and you can keep track of all the points earned without having to keep track of the rakeback count.

Join PartyRakeback and enjoy a 40% rakeback for playing at Partypoker through its platform!

Partypoker VIP: what are its advantages?

Partypoker VIP is a loyalty program that allows players who are part of the Partypoker community to get rewards based on a rakeback free of any indirect rake structure.

But in order to be part of this Partypoker VIP system you have to meet a series of requirements:

  • Get at least 000 monthly points, or be a high-stakes player in MTT.
  • Accept to receive VIP promotions.

In return, the VIP user receives, just for being part of the new Partypoker VIP system:

  • The possibility to attend live events and sporting events, with accommodation included!
  • Priority VIP support available 24 hours a day.
  • Have your own account manager.
  • Enjoy a refund of up to 25% of rake.
  • Extended deposit and withdrawal limits, simplifying operations.
  • The option to make priority withdrawals to speed them up.

Cashback Partypoker: How to get the most out of it?

It is one of the biggest attractions along with rakeback. In Partypoker, as we said at the beginning, is settled a weekly cashback system in which rewards are received promptly every Monday. The cashback ranges between 5% and 25%, which is equivalent to between 10 and 2.000 euros in returns. This scale can be higher considering that Partypoker VIP offers an exclusive cashback range for its members. That is why it is such an attractive option to try to be part of the top players of the community and become part of the VIP program.

PartyPoker also has an exclusive club dedicated to the most loyal VIP players. It is the Diamond Club, and being part of it grants important privileges, such as returns of up to 35% and access to private events, as well as 24/7 personal assistance lines and concierge service.

On the other hand, the Diamond Club Elite is the top level of the Partypoker VIP program. It is reserved for the most dedicated and loyal members of the community, who can enjoy returns of up to 42%.

How to join these clubs? Very simple: the goal is to get 100.000 € of rake within 12 months to become part of the Diamond Club, and 200.000 € of rake in 12 months if you aspire to enter the Diamond Club Elite, enjoying any type of game, including spins, MTT, STT, fastforward games and so on.

Undoubtedly, making the most of the possibilities offered by Partypoker cashback is the best way to get the most out of the platform. To do so, as we tell you in this post dedicated to the benefits of enjoying online poker at PartyRakeback, it is necessary to carry out a series of steps:

  • Delete cookies, or otherwise use a different browser than the one you normally use.
  • Enter your personal data
  • Synchronize your PartyRakeback account with the account you have created in Partypoker.
  • Start enjoying the new Partypoker rakeback and all the additional benefits offered by the platform just by linking your Partypoker account.

PartyRakeback also offers extra advantages for joining their community. For example, the Triple Cashback system allowed players to enjoy an additional cashback in case they reached their points goals, allowing them to play big and giving users the opportunity to extend their incentives to enjoy their Partypoker experience even more.

The diamond function included in the platform has also been very outstanding, which allowed any player to obtain the new Diamonds coin to play the rabbit hunt and discover the cards that had not been dealt. You only had to complete a series of tasks in the game to complete the objectives to improve the prospects of the game!

Partypoker Rakeback has managed to turn around the concept of enjoying online poker, improving the user experience and making the player the great beneficiary of being part of a community that does not stop growing and that already knows everything that Partypoker is capable of giving.