More and more players are looking for games with rhythm, where the action does not stop and that are able to test the reflexes and skills of the players. There are already some turbo and hyper turbo modes where you play with the times. In these games, the aim is to push the player to the action.

However, Partypoker returns to give a twist to this concept and has created a new type of game where the freneticism, speed and action do not stop.

We are talking about Fastpoker, a type of cash game that allows any player to get into a game full of possibilities, where they can get involved in thousands of hands per hour, without waiting times or slowdowns.

Fastpoker: what it is and how it is played

Fastpoker is a cash game, that is, it is played with cash money. Combining the ruthless pace of play with real money betting, you get a mix that for many is the true essence of competitive poker.

Leaving aside the games designed to improve and acquire more level, where you can play with fictitious chips without risking your stack, Fastpoker offers a visceral and genuine experience, where speed, head and a wise decision making is everything to opt for the reward.

We are talking about games that have no start or end time, they are always available, which brings the competitive essence of poker even closer, something that will delight purists.

Of course, it requires organization and measuring time, in and out of the game, so as not to fall into exhaustion. Here the discipline of the users will be put to the test because it implies making a rational use of time, dosing the sessions and measuring the efforts. Keep in mind that the faster the pace, the more mentally demanding and more exhausting.

Broadly speaking and explained in a generic way, Fastpoker does not seem too different from what any cash game offers. But there are two elementary differences that make Fastpoker a very special type of game:

  • It is not played at fixed tables. The basis of Fastpoker action is in the change, as well as in the speed, which makes it an explosive combination if we combine betting with real money. Switching tables involves knowing how to adapt and reset your readings of the game, something that requires you to be seasoned so as not to “dirty” the current game with anything related to the previous table.
  • To fold, you don’t have to wait your turn. Unlike any cash game, in Fastpoker, if you want to fold, you don’t have to wait for your turn. This makes the games much more dynamic, and lets the players who are in the game know that every second that passes with the player in the hand is because he wants to play it. This favors the action, since to withdraw it is enough to do it at the moment the decision is made.

Partypoker allows you to sit down at up to a total of four No Limit Hold’em tables in its Fastpoker mode at one time. Betting amounts start at 0.02 € / 0.04 €, and can go up to 0.10 € / 0.25 €.

Other Partypoker cash games

Cash games are poker games that are played with real money, hence for many they are the purest version of poker. These games are played with chip stacks of 100 BB or higher, which makes it essential to be experienced in deep stack play.

As with Partypoker’s Fastpoker games, cash games have no start or end time. This implies that the dosage of time is crucial, and depending on how you experience the game, you will have to ration your games in one way or another.

Although it is a type of game that tests the discipline of the player, the possibility of obtaining cash prizes and the fact of having full availability of cash tables makes this type of games offer strong emotions at any time, being really easy to find a table with a lot of action and where the prize pool can increase a lot.

If you want to take a look at the complete offer of Partypoker cash games, remember that you can download the Partypoker software on your own computer and select this type of game in the mode selector to browse through all the available options.