Online poker is becoming more and more popular worldwide. The virtual form of this traditional card game has made it much easier to get started in poker, making it a more accessible game for many poker enthusiasts who previously perceived it as exclusive or restrictive.

However, the digital side of poker differs in a number of ways from live poker, as we will see below, and to avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your short- and long-term continuity, we are going to take a look at some of the best tips for playing online poker.

Tips for playing online poker

When it comes to playing online poker, you have to keep in mind that the dynamics are different and therefore the approach to the game has to be different. Keep an eye on the following tips for playing online poker: they will help you a lot, especially if you intend to take your first steps in the game on a computer or tablet.

Change your attitude and don’t get distracted

If there is one thing that differentiates live poker from online poker, it is that online poker is usually played many hands per minute. Maintaining the same vices, attitudes and ways of reading the game as in live poker would therefore be a major mistake.

Freneticism is very much in the DNA of online poker and, although there are a number of game modes, you will quickly realize that the rhythms are very different to the physical game. Therefore, one of the best online poker tips we could give you would be to be open to relearning at the beginning – you’ll need to be if you want to adapt to the online games and be in with a chance of winning big prizes.

Pay attention to position in Short Handed games

In Short Handed games, position is crucial and is the first thing you should pay attention to. For example, it is not very appropriate to enter the game from UTG or UTG+1 because players tend to be extremely aggressive and it is very likely that they will re-raise, compromising us if we do not have a very strong hand to counterattack. If we occupy the cutoff and button, we will be able to raise and re-raise much more frequently because we will be talking at the end on the flop, turn and river.

Tournaments work a little differently. At the beginning of a tournament, you have to be very selective with your cards. Players who pretend to be tight and choose their cards well at the beginning are more likely to bluff successfully, as they will be able to bluff when the blinds are higher and they have more solidity and justification.

Sort out your opponents

Although online poker loses a very important component of live poker – body language and reading your opponents’ reactions face-to-face – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t rank your opponents. In fact, it’s best to do so as soon as possible in order to elucidate the kind of opponent you’re facing.

In online poker you play with a handicap, and that is that it is impossible for you to base your opponent’s possible moves on their body reactions. However, you can do the same by taking into account the way they play and their reactions to certain types of scenarios, and you can base your aggressiveness index on them. This will be very useful during games.

Limit your stack

Although suitable for any type of poker game, one of the most effective online poker tips is to get your gaming income from a limited account with only limited poker funds.

If you check out what many professional poker players say, you will find that almost all of them insist on the need to separate money to live on from money to play with, which is essential considering that online payouts are much more immediate and far less noticeable. Being disciplined is the foundation of a long and prosperous poker career.

Set time limits

It’s true that online poker is very accessible, that it’s very convenient to walk into a poker room at any time of the day and continue training. But pushing your mind to exhaustion is something you should avoid, and you should make sure that your mind has moments of relaxation throughout the day.

You should only play when you are focused and rested. The tablet or smartphone won’t go away, and the rooms are open at any time of the day. Don’t exhaust yourself and play when you enjoy it.

Tips for playing online poker backed by the pros

All of these guidelines have been shared by a multitude of professional players who have gone on to compete in global online poker tournaments. Believe it or not, daily discipline is the best tool to make these online poker tips work.

It must be borne in mind that to gain experience requires longevity, and longevity can only be achieved when there are foundations on which to play. It is useless to be persevering if on impulse we are going to go bankrupt, just as it is useless to try to be cautious in games and never learn to manage risks. It is necessary to learn by playing, but without falling into toxic and impulsive attitudes that, on the other hand, can be exploited by other players to take advantage of our slump.

Finally, it should be clear that novice players should focus on different issues than professional players. Although the tips for playing online poker are suitable for all types of players, a professional player will have to pay more attention to managing his stack or to aspects of his game that he needs to polish, while a novice player will have to focus more on learning how to read players and classify them according to their style of play.